Broadhead Resources, LLC

Public Relations / Grants / Events

Broadhead Resources, LLC is your go-to for accessing the world of grant funding, promoting your organization or business, advertising your services and products, and managing relations with the public.  

Bottom line, this firm can help bring more money into your organization.  

Contact us to schedule a meeting. Allow our expertise and experience to work for you so you can focus on your day-to-day operations without missing the chance to reach new customers and opportunities.

Public Relations

Reach members of the community through a number of approaches online, in print and in person. We can also help you or your organization learn more about public outreach.


With experience securing and implementing a variety of grants in government and non-profit settings, we can assist with with every step of finding and applying for grant funding.


As a main organizer for events like the Luna County Salsa Festival, Hump Day training series, leadership workshops and fundraisers Matt is well poised to plan and promote your next function.

Social Media

Administrator work for several government, non-profit and business pages gives us the insight needed to help you accomplish your social media goals and drive more success to your organization.